Bond Breaker Tape

Prevent's 3 sided adhesion

Bond Breaker Tape


Bond Breaker Tape is a polyethylene tape used to fill a gap in the joint if the depth is not deep enough to use Joint Backer Rod and to prevent three way adhesion of the sealant. This ensures the correct and uniform sealant depth along the whole length of the joint.


  • Quick and easy to apply.
  • Reduces sealant usage
  •  Improves sealant performance by obtaining easily the correct joint dimensions.
  • Flexible – won’t bubble or blister.
  • Stops 3 way adhesion of a sealant

Recommended For

For reducing the depth of joints in construction/glazing use.
Creating a backstop to allow proper sealant tooling.

MSDS & Technical Datasheets

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Technical Datasheet

Available in

Available in black in the following sizes:
6mm x 50mtr
10mm x 50mtr
12mm x 50mtr
20mm x 50mtr
Loose rolls packed in a box


Store in original container in cool dry conditions away from sunlight.