Stayseal 75 Non Pick

Two Part, Pick-Resistant Epoxy Sealant

Stayseal 75 Non Pick


STAYSEAL 75 NON-PICK is a two-part easy to mix epoxy sealant which cures to form a hard, pick-resistant seal accommodating small movement in extension and large movement in compression.


  • Excellent impact, wear and chemical resistance
  • Resistant to picking
  • Passed for use on different home office, national offender management services and ministry of justice projects.
  • Suitable for permanent water immersion

Recommended For

  • Secure environments giving a vandal resistant seal.
  • Perimeter sealing of cell windows, doors and sanitary ware.
  • Swimming pools.
  • Compression joints, shower rooms. Areas where long-term immersion in water is likely.

Specific Resistances

  • UV Resistance – Good.
  • Chemical Resistance – As detailed on Specific Data Table.
  • Flammability – STAYSEAL 75 NON-PICK burns but will not readily ignite; it does not therefore constitute a fire hazard.
Stayseal 75 Non Pick

MSDS & Technical Datasheets

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Technical Datasheet

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Available in

1.2L Tin in the following colours:

Colour Chart

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Store in cool, dry conditions between +5˚C and +25˚C. Storage outside these parameters will dramatically reduce shelf life.

Shelf life

12 months from date of manufacture when stored as directed.

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